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ABOUT US Mission & Principles

Our mission is to foster a world where compassion and justice can be found everywhere.



Be courteous in all dealings with clients, firms and especially members of the public.


Perform the job in an efficient and effective manner while focusing on results that both respect the rights of the consumer and live up to the expectations of the clients.


Understand the rights and needs of others by complying with all legal requirements, reasonable client instructions and privacy standards.


Change with the needs of clients and legal requirements, provide best in class service and assure consumers are being properly cared for by all parties in the process.


Efficient and effective debt collection service

AACANet powers its nationwide network with the most advanced data recovery and reporting system in the collections industry. All placements, reporting and recoveries are electronically transmitted through a secure portal. Through the Pipeway web-based reporting system, AACANet enables unprecedented control and insight into the collection process, down to the individual account level. Pipeway has revolutionized the way that collections are managed and continues to provide leading-edge advancement in the industry.

Maximizing the client’s net return

AACANet’s proven business model generates the highest liquidations at the lowest cost for your business. Our firms’ and agencies‘ recovery rates meet, and in most cases exceed collections industry averages. Client’s net returns are further enhanced by the efficiency of a national network and superior recovery tools, managed by AACANet.

Continuing investment in the most advanced technology solutions

AACANet has invested in the prevailing security technology to ensure a secure network for all data. AACANet takes great care to assure that we are, and will remain compliant, to meet the highest data security standards at all times.