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With AACANet, you know you are in good company.

In 1989, a visionary group of creditor attorneys created AACANet, the first legal network, to offer clients a consistent and convenient way to manage collections. By 1995 AACANet was national. AACANet developed controls for placement and account handling, to assure that firms and agencies are in compliance with the industry's best standards.

With over 20 years of data and expertise, plus a proven account management method supported by compliant and qualified collections professionals, you can count on us to recover more at a lower cost.

about us

AACANet debuted Pipeway™ in 2006, our online account management portal, giving clients and firms ready access to their accounts. Pipeway™ continues to evolve to meet the growing needs of an ever-changing industry. In 2017, Pipeway™ teamed up with AIM to deliver the first real-time audit and compliance management tool. When integrated with Pipeway™, AIM will allow users direct access to vendor compliance status.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the AACANet network is comprised of thousands
of collections personnel nationwide and has grown into the premier forwarder of
delinquent receivables. Our recovery rates meet, and in most cases exceed
collection industry averages. The efficiency of our national network and superior
recovery tools further enhance the net returns of accounts managed by AACANet.